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Using Promotional Products at the Trade Shows

There are many reasons for businesses to distribute promotional products at a trade show. Promotional items can be a reminder to potential customers of what a particular company has to offer. These products also help them to quickly find a company’s contact information so they can call to schedule a service or make a purchase. Also, businesses that give away unique and interesting items will attract more people to its booth. When a customer arrives at the booth, a representative can engage them with further information about the business.

Your Trade Show Giveaways Should Fit With Your Business Offerings

Items a company gives out to interested show attendees should make customers instantly think of their business. A gift item should logically fit with the type of business venture. For example, a bakery might give away small notebooks for noting recipes. Construction companies could give away a retractable measuring tape. Stress balls would be a great promotion for a physiotherapist or exercise gym. Keytags are always a great giveaway for any type of automotive business. Pens, of course, work for nearly every type of business. There are thousands of promotional items available to fit with whatever types of business you own.

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Help Potential Customers to Remember Your Company!

Most customers will hold on to a pen or magnet with a company’s information longer than they’ll hold onto your business card. Much of the printed material that people are given at a trade show go directly into the trash without ever being read. When a company gives away promotional gifts, these remain in the home or office of a potential client for quite some time. Advertising through promotional giveaways is much more effective than advertising through paper brochures, flyers, etc.

Don’t Miss Out the Important Information

A company advertising by using promotional items should at least include its name and phone info. If there is enough room, they should also include an email address and website. Companies with a storefront should include their physical address. A potential client might not be willing to search for a phone number, but if they have all the information at hand, they are more likely to give that particular service a call. The easier you make it for a potential customer to contact you, the more customers you’ll have. A company’s giveaways should be useful and contain all of their important contact information.